Density map of anonymous Wikipedia edits

I’ve made a video showing anonymous edits on Wikipedia as a density map grouped by day.

Direct link to the video on Flickr:


Used a 2008 Wikipedia dump (with revisions ranging from 2001-10-02 to 2008-03-14) to extract the information on all the anonymous revisions made. First a Java program (loosely based on MWDumper) extracts all the ips and dates and store them on disk. Then a ruby script using RMagick and geoip_city creates a density map for each day and save each as an image. And finally, the video is created with ffmpeg.

Source code

The source code used to create the video is at


  • Revisions of registered users are discarded (maybe Poor Man’s CheckUser can be used to translate between users and ip address).
  • Use a more recent dump.


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