Most of the code is published on my accounts at GithubRubyforge and SourceForge.

Below is a list of some of the projects I’ve done over the years. The oldest ones are at the attic

I’ve developed some WordPress plugins.

Metanius. News from several sources are collected and grouped in categories. It’s updated several times per day (in Spanish). [RETIRED]

Density map of Wikipedia Edits. An experiment where each anonymous wikipedia edit is used to generate a video of the places on earth where most edits takes place.

rudups An application to find duplicate files on OS X.

DJohn – Distributed John the ripper Distributed password cracking using John the ripper.

JavaDICTD. An implementation of RFC 2229 (Dictionary Server Protocol).

recordsearch. A library for doing binary searches on a text file.

YAJD Yet Another Java decompiler. Unfinished java decompiler in Ruby

JYEnc. Decoder for the yEnc format in Java.

Driveinfo. Getting the label of a disk. Java and JNI.

gettext for Webgen. I’ve added a tag and patched webgen for supporting gettext.

Made a patch to add support for proxies for flickraw proxy.