Others also read

This plugin will show a list of posts visitors have read after reading the current post. It’s based on “Where did they go from here” v1.4.2 by Ajay D’Souza.

How it works? As the original plugin docs say: “When a visitor views a blog post, the plugin checks to see if the referrer is another blog post on your site. If this is the case, then the referring post is updated with a reference to this post. And, the process continues as the visitor moves through the blog.

The main differences between Others also read and the original plugin are (so far):

  • You can disable tracking the navigation of authenticated users, so you can make sure the related posts are build on real visitors navigation patterns.
  • When a post has no related posts and ‘Blank output’ is enabled no html is printed at all.
  • Fixed an error on uninstalling the plugin (on WP3.0)

You can see the rest of the changes on the Changelog section. The plugin is released under de GPLv2 license.

I’ve forked the original plugin to add some features I think were necessary but I’m still not sure whether I find this plugin useful or not. I don’t like the way the related posts is built using the navigational pattern of the users. You will end with a list of related posts according to the tastes of the users, which doesn’t necessarily means the posts have something in common (other than someone was interested in both posts).


  • Display related posts according to visitors reading habits automatically in content / feed, no need to edit template files
  • Tracks visitors movement along your site
  • You can manually add the related posts list where you want them displayed
  • Exclude pages from the list of posts
  • Display post thumbnails in the list. The plugin has support for WordPress 2.9 thumbnails, use of postmeta and also the ability to grab the first image in the post


  1. Download “Others also read”
  2. Extract the contents of others-also-read.zip to wp-content/plugins/ folder. You should get a folder called others-also-read.
  3. Activate the Plugin in WP-Admin.
  4. Goto Settings > Others read to configure


2.2.1 – 2010-07-03

  • Added a donate link

2.2 – 2010-07-02

  • Changed the Settings page to make it more “wordpressy”
  • Inputs for numbers in the Settings page have now a maximum length

2.1 – 2010-07-01

  • bugfix: ‘Blank Output’ option was not working

2.01 – 2010-06-25

  • Fixed links to the plugin home page

2.0 – 2010-06-25

  • First release of “Others also read”. Based on where-did-they-go-from-here v1.4.2.
  • Added an option to avoid tracking a user navigation if it’s authenticated
  • Changed behaviour: When ‘Blank Output’ is selected, not even the div is printed
  • Bugfix: Fixed error when uninstalling plugin (no global wpdb was used)
  • Removed all PHP warnings
  • Removed sidebar containing links to other plugins from Ajay in settings page.
  • The credit shown (if it’s enabled) now shows after the list of posts in a separate span with it’s own css class.
  • Changed list title to ‘Others also read’
  • Changed behaviour: ‘Show credit’ option is now disabled be default

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements for this plugin?

I’ve tested it on WordPress 2.9.2 and 3.0. The plugin it’s based on, “Where did they do from here” works on 2.5+ so this plugin may work on earlier versions.

Can I customize what is displayed?

All options can be customized within the Options page in WP-Admin itself

You can customise the CSS output. This plugin uses the following CSS classes:

  • `othersread_related` in the `div` that surrounds the list items
  • `othersread_thumb` is the class that is used for the thumbnail / post image
  • `othersread_title` is the class that is used for the title / text
  • `othersread_excerpt` is the class that is used for the excerpt
  • `othersread_credit` is the class that is used for the credit, when activated

You can add code to your style.css file of your theme to style the related posts list.


  • Check if ajax can be avoided for visitors count, use request headers before rendering the post
  • Update gettext files
  • Update italian localization
  • Add spanish localization
  • Add french localization
  • uninstall.php and ‘Reset browsing data’ have identical code. Refactor
  • Add default css style


Download Others also read 2.2.1