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Feb 13

iBooks contra los espacios y acentos

Si a iBooks le cargan un epub cuyo nombre de archivo contiene espacios y/o acentos, el TOC deja de funcionar. Y no hablo de los nombres de los archivos dentro del epub, sino sólo el nombre del archivo del epub.

Probé estos epubs en Bluefire Reader, Kobo, Readium y funcionan sin problemas.

Oct 11

Greek characters with diacritics in ADE

You’ve added some greek characters with diacritics in your ePub and it looks fine on almost all the readers… except Adobe Digital Editions. There the characters appear as question marks.

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Mar 11

Hanging indents in ePub

This is meant to complete the first post about indents. Today I’ll talk about hanging indents.

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Mar 11

Cover images in ePub

All the book covers I’ve made/seen for ePubs share the same characteristics: The cover is an image, centered horizontally and it resizes dinamically according to the screen resolution.

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Mar 11

Text indent in ePubs

This is (hopefully) the first of a series of posts related to ePub production. They’ll be small recipes to solve problems/tasks I’ve faced when producing ePubs. This first one is about text indent.

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